reputation Tour- New Orleans

I just left Taylor’s reputation show, and I am in shock and star-struck. It was the best show I have ever seen her perform! Taylor always puts on the best show, but I’m so amazed at all of the hard work and preparation went into making this tour such a success. And, seeing her up so close for the first time was undeniably a dream come true!

Taylor, you are incredible inside and out! Thank you for doing what you do. You have an amazing talent as a singer/songwriter/performer. I’m so impressed with how you are always so humble and so grateful for fans like me who have all 100+ of your songs playing on shuffle in the car almost every day. I am even more thankful for you! You are such a blessing in my life. I cried through the entire “Long Live/New Year’s Day” performance. It was beautiful! I will hold on to these memories forevermore.

P.S. If you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, you should be.

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